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Marla Maples is making the best of self-quarantining in New York City by sharing the immunity-boosting supplements — or 'potions' as she likes to call them — that she takes every morning to keep herself healthy.

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Help fight the good fight against COVID-19 with Silicium Laboratories

“Help fight the good fight against COVID-19 with Silicium Laboratories Gel Pack Donations.” As Emergency Medical Professionals work tirelessly to help suffering Covid-19 patients, they expose

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Marla Maples, 56, details her morning supplement routine

Marla Maples, 56, details her morning supplement routine packed with zinc, vitamin C, and collagen as she urges people to 'build your immune system' amid the coronavirus pandemic

  • Marla took to Instagram this week to post a video of herself detailing the 'potions' she takes first thing in the morning 
  • Forever young: She also added ORGONO Living Silica collagen booster, liquid zinc, and lemon balm to her mixture of vitamins 
  • She then mixed in a dose of ORGONO Living Silica, a...
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Evaluation of Living Silica® on Bone Health fibroblasts, Osteoblasts and MG-63 Cell Line.

Performed at the Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health Survey

How organic silica can help your bone health?

Several authors have emphasized the role of silicon in health, being the most prominent its effect on the integrity of the nailshair and skin as well as in the synthesis of collagen and bone mineralization. It was observed that silica deficiency has adverse effects such as bone deformities,

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We Are Proud Partners of the Autism Hope Alliance!

The Autism Hope Alliance embodies hope for families facing the diagnosis of Autism through education, inspiration, financial support and volunteerism. They are a nonprofit foundation that has donated over $500k to help support other nonprofits on a similar mission.

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Why You Need Living Silica In Your Beauty Regime

In the beauty industry, we often find that most products on the market target very specific and individual benefits. These include softer skin, stronger nails, or longer hair. It’s rare, however, to find a product that does it all. 

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The Research Behind Living Silica

At Living Silica, we place the utmost importance on staying up-to-date with research. We do all of our studies through Silicium Laboratories: The Silica Company, by devoting profits towards exploring the potential of Silica. In the last 20 years, Living Silica has allocated almost $ 2 million (about 15% of proceeds) to continual testing and development.

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