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What is Living Silica?®

Living Silica® or Monomethylsilanetriol, known as G5 in Europe, is the patented active ingredient.

It was developed by the French Doctor of Sciences and World Silica-Specialist, Le Ribault, following the studies of the chemist, Duffaut, who worked with molecules of medical interest for 40 years, particularly initial generation silanols. Le Ribault invented a procedure in which unsuspected characteristics of any particle could be discovered, such as the exact worldwide origin of a grain of...

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PhD Loïc le Ribault, Silicium Scientist.

A Tribute to Loic le Ribault

(April 18, 1947 – June 7, 2007)

There are a few scientists who have advanced the study of orthomolecular nutrition and Loic le Ribault is certainly among them. His discovery of the process of developing a high potency form of organic silica could potentially revolutionize the treatment of wounds, psoriasis, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and a myriad of ailments plaguing mankind today. Organic silica happens to be one mineral that most people are deficient...

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About Dr Loïc Le Ribault

Loïc Le Ribault was a French geologist and one of the pioneer users in France of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). In 1970 he invented a method called 'exoscopy', now used throughout the world, by which the geological history of sedimentary sand grains could be determined. In two articles published in the journal of the French Academy of Sciences, he demonstrated that some of these grains have on their surface thin layers of highly soluble silica. He discovered later that these layers...

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