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ORGONO Living Silica is used by NBA player Ricky Rubio

The NBA player Ricky Rubio uses Living Silica Sports Recovery and Living Silica Collagen Booster Gel products after  intense training sessions, to speed recovery and prevent injury. Both himself and his medical team consider it imperative after having suffered an injury that lasted several months.

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ORGONO Living Silica Increases Collagen Levels.

The following study "in vitro" of SILICIUM LABORATORIES confirms the effectiveness of Living Silica in collagen production. The results show that Living Silica does not present any cytotoxicity regarding human fibroblasts.

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Living Silica® on the Electrical Balance of our Cells

The comprehensive and effective action of organic silica in joints, immune system, liver or bones, suggests that all the electric levels of the cells in the body are strengthened by it.

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